Frisbie Memorial Hospital
September 01, 2020

Rochester, NH – Frisbie Memorial Hospital recently updated its 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). Simultaneously in 2020, the world was battling a global pandemic with COVID-19 that disrupted the local community, the economy, and the healthcare system. One of the local impacts of the pandemic is that there have been changing, urgent, and emergent community challenges. In addition to supporting the HCA / FMH acquisition activities, the CHNA update serves as a timely review and revision of Rochester area prioritized needs and support for a refocus of FMH community outreach activities (if any). This CHNA Update included several research tasks with the objectives of confirming the prioritized community needs noted in the 2018 CHNA, discovering new or emerging issues, and where possible, measuring the impact of COVID–related issues.

Executive Summary, 2020 Community Health Needs Assessment Report

2020 Community Health Needs Assessment