How do I access my Medical Records?

HCA hospitals offer free quick access to your electronic medical record online through myFrisbieCONNECT, our patient portal. Patient records from February 2017 to present are available on demand through the My Frisbie Connect Patient Portal include:

  • Radiology / Imaging Reports
  • Immunizations
  • Problem List/ Diagnosis
  • Facilities visited
  • Lab Results and Reports
  • Medications
  • Medical Diagnosis/Problem List
  • Vital signs
  • Allergy List
  • Reason for visit/Plan of Care

To access the My Frisbie Connect Patient Portal, select My Frisbie Connect at the top of the page.

For questions on how to enroll and access My Frisbie Connect, please call (603) 994-7615 or email

How do I request copies of my Medical Records?

If you need records in addition to what is available through My Frisbie Connect Patient Portal, you may request a copy of your Medical Record by completing a Medical Record Request Authorization form and submitting the form to our Release of Information department.

What is provided at no cost to the Patient or *Patient’s Representative:

  • Records released directly to your physician or healthcare provider for continuation of patient care. Physicians can fax a request to (603) 332-2699.
  • Records for your personal use or to be delivered to a person of your choice: Complete each section of the attached Medical Record Request Authorization form and mail to the address below or fax it to us at (603) 332-2699.

* If you are a Patient’s Representative, please include relationship/supporting documents such as: medical power of attorney, executor of estate, guardianship, etc. along with your request.

Frisbie Memorial Hospital
Release of Information/Medical Records

11 Whitehall Road
Rochester, NH 03867
Fax: (603) 332-2699

You have the option to request:

  • Abstract of the medical record: Physician dictated reports: History and Physical, Consultation Reports, Operative Reports, Discharge Summary, Test results - Lab Results, Radiology Tests Results, Cardiology Test Results, etc.
  • Selected portions of the medical record: Checking the box next to the record description
  • All documents in the medical record: Check the box “All PHI in the Medical Record”

Medical Record Delivery

  1. CD- will be mailed to the recipient at the address listed on the signed Medical Record Request Authorization form.
  2. Encrypted Email or Unencrypted Email
  3. Paper copies - will be mailed to the recipient at the address listed on the signed Medical Record Request Authorization form.

There is some level of risk that a third party could see your PHI without your consent when receiving unencrypted electronic media or email. We are not responsible for unauthorized access to the PHI contained in this format or any risks (e.g., virus) potentially introduced to your computer/device when receiving PHI in electronic format or email.

Fees for copies of Medical Records:

  • Patient requests- There is no fee for patient requests for medical records.
  • Social Security/Disability/Medicare/Medicaid- per state statute
  • Attorney/Insurance/Workers Comp- $15.00 (pages 1-30), $0.50 per page (pages 31+) Electronic copy- $6.50

To Contact the Frisbie Release of Information Department:

Release of Information staff are available Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:00pm. For questions and assistance, call (603) 602-5414.

Information the Medical Records department does not provide:

  • Records from your physician’s office can be obtained by contacting the office directly
  • Images of your radiology exams can be obtained by calling (603) 602-5400
  • If you were born in Rochester, you may obtain your birth certificate by contacting the Rochester City Clerk’s office at (603) 332-2130.
  • Medical information over the telephone