Most appointments for Frisbie Memorial Hospital services are made through your primary care provider’s office. Your provider will contact the hospital’s Scheduling Department to provide specific medical information required to schedule your appointment at the hospital. To verify that an appointment has been scheduled for a service provided at the hospital, please contact your primary care provider for assistance.


Pre-registration is a function performed within the hospital by Patient Access Representatives. Patients can pre-register for Same Day Surgery, for tests or procedures that have been scheduled by your doctor, and for procedures or treatment that require an inpatient stay in the hospital.

If you have questions about your Patient Access status, please check with our Patient Access Representatives at the hospital. You may call in advance to pre-register for your services at (603) 335-8456.

Before you call, please have your insurance information available and let us know if you have a change in your personal information (address, phone, or email) so we can update your file.

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

You may review our Patient Rights and Responsibilities.