If you would like assistance with the completion of your newborn’s birth certificate, Frisbie’s Medical Records Department will gladly be of service as we are required to file this certificate with the New Hampshire Bureau of Vital Statistics within six days of your newborn’s birth.

This can be completed during your hospital stay or on the phone after discharge. We will conduct a brief interview to gather information which will then be entered into the State’s birth registry. As the parent, you will receive a copy of the birth certificate.

Should you need assistance with completing an Affidavit of Paternity (AOP), our staff will be available to answer questions. We can also notarize the AOP for you as a courtesy at no charge. Please be aware that if you choose to complete the AOP after your discharge at the City Clerk’s Office, there will be a 25 dollar charge. Both parents will need to provide proof of identity with a photo ID to complete the AOP.

As an additional courtesy, we can also submit a copy of the birth certificate to the Social Security Administration which will accelerate the process in obtaining a Social Security number for your newborn.

If you would like to preview the birth certificate worksheet prior to your interview, please contact our birth certificate coordinator at (603)335-8420.