Advanced intensive care unit in Southeastern New Hampshire

At Frisbie Memorial Hospital, our intensive care unit (ICU) provides enhanced monitoring and compassionate care for critically ill patients in Strafford County.

Our expert staff—including ICU doctors and nurses—uses advanced medical technology and provides 24/7 care to ensure the patient's health.

For more information about our ICU, call (603) 332-5211.

Comprehensive care for critically ill patients

The Behre Coronary and Intensive Care Unit provides a closely monitored environment for patients with acute care needs. The unit’s private rooms provide advanced cardiac monitoring and are dialysis capable.

The ICU is under the direct supervision of a board-certified intensivist specializing in internal medicine, infectious disease and critical care medicine. Our experienced ICU nurses have undergone advanced training in the treatment and care of critically ill cardiac, pulmonary, surgical, trauma and medical patients.

Our team works together to plan, direct and continually evaluate the care and progress of patients in the ICU.

Conditions we treat

When patients are experiencing conditions that need advanced care and treatment, our ICU team is available 24/7 to provide prompt care.

Patients are commonly admitted to the ICU for:

  • Heart problems, such as heart attack, extremely low or extremely high blood pressure or abnormal heartbeat
  • Lung and breathing problems, such as acute asthma or severe pneumonia
  • Postoperative care
  • Recovery from intensive surgery
  • Renal and endocrine disease
  • Serious infections, including sepsis

Visiting the ICU

Visiting hours in The Behre Coronary and Intensive Care Unit take place from 8am - 8pm.

For critically ill patients, visiting hours for immediate family members are flexible and based on the patient’s condition. We ask that only healthy individuals who are 12 years old and older visit the ICU.