Expert prenatal care in Rochester, New Hampshire

At Frisbie Memorial Hospital, our comprehensive prenatal services are designed to keep you healthy during pregnancy and provide continued support until the arrival of your newborn.

We offer expert, compassionate care throughout your entire pregnancy, as well as access to courses and services to ensure you feel informed and prepared for childbirth.

Prenatal education

Frisbie Memorial Hospital partners with its sister facility, Portsmouth Regional Hospital, to offer prenatal education and services to help new mothers prepare for parenthood. We offer many opportunities for learning about what happens before, during and after the birth of your baby. Registration is required for most classes and birthing center tours.

Childbirth review class

This class is for parents with previous birthing experience to provide a general overview of labor and the birthing process. We cover topics including, breathing, massage, relaxation techniques and positioning during labor.

Cost: $25

A tour of the birthing center at Portsmouth Regional Hospital is included.

Car seat information

Learn about how to purchase, install and use infant car seats. Class participants will also be offered contact information to schedule a personal car seat check.

Getting ready for childbirth

In this one-day Saturday class, you learn breathing techniques and positioning used during labor. We will also cover relaxation and massage techniques. It is suggested to enroll in this class between the sixth and seventh month of pregnancy.

Cost: $80

A tour of the birthing center at Portsmouth Regional Hospital is included.


In this six-week class, you learn hypnobirthing techniques to enhance the natural childbirth experience and promote relaxation and comfort during labor. Hypnobirthing helps to minimize fear and pain, shorten the first stage of labor and decrease fatigue.

It also helps to promote a special bonding between you, your newborn and your birthing support person. It is suggested to start this class between the 24th and 28th week of pregnancy.

Cost: $150

A tour of the birthing center at Portsmouth Regional Hospital is included.

Newborn care class

In this hands-on class, you learn the skills you need to care for your newborn at home. Topics covered include preparing for the arrival of your baby, general baby safety, sleep and car safety, feeding and bathing, growth and development, pediatrician care and baby calming techniques. It is suggested to take this class between the 32nd and 36th week of pregnancy.

Cost: $25

Newborn Baby & Moms and Dads Group

The Newborn Baby & Moms and Dads Group provides continuing support, encouragement and advice to new moms and dads of newborns (eight months old and younger). A board-certified lactation consultant is there to help answer your questions and address areas of concern. We also schedule guest speakers, including prenatal care doctors, pediatricians, dietitians, dental hygienists and experienced moms.

Discussion topics include breastfeeding challenges, caring for your newborn and coping strategies. Pregnant moms are also invited to attend. Parents with toddlers are encouraged to bring quiet toys or books for their child’s entertainment.

This group meets every Wednesday from 10am to noon at Frisbie Memorial Hospital Conference Center.

No registration is required to attend one of the Newborn Baby & Moms and Dads Group weekly sessions.