Vascular surgeons in Rochester, New Hampshire

At Frisbie Memorial Hospital, our experienced vascular doctors provide an array of treatment options for vascular disease. Our specialists use the latest technology and minimally invasive procedures to provide patients with high-quality vascular care.

For more information about our Senior Vascular Care Services, call (603) 994-6400.

Expert vascular care

Our board-certified vascular surgeons have expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of vascular conditions. Although some patients can manage vascular conditions with medication and lifestyle changes with physician supervision, our vascular surgeons are here to provide advanced treatment when needed. We collaborate with our cardiology department to evaluate your symptoms and provide an individualized care plan.

Vascular treatments and services

Our specialized vascular surgery team performs diagnostic, therapeutic and minimally invasive procedures including:

  • Angioplasty and stenting (to reopen blocked arteries)
  • Diagnostic arteriograms (to evaluate arteries)
  • Diagnostic venograms (to evaluate veins)
  • Varicose vein treatment
  • Venous disease laser therapy, surgery and sclerotherapy

Vascular ultrasound services

We also provide noninvasive services to diagnose vascular conditions. In our vascular lab, specially trained staff members use diagnostic imaging, notably ultrasounds, to evaluate blood vessels and determine if there are areas of narrowing or blockage. The vessels most frequently examined are in the legs, arms and neck.

Ultrasound is a noninvasive diagnostic imaging technique that uses sound waves—instead of radiation—to create images of body organs, tissues and structures. Physicians interpret these images to complete the diagnostic process and report the results to the ordering provider.