Frisbie Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce the addition of its new outpatient adult Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), which offers a broad scope of services that will help increase access to, and better meet the demand for the acute behavioral health needs in the communities it serves.

The Partial Hospitalization Program provides short-term treatment over the course of 12-14 days for adults age 18 years and older who are struggling with maintaining daily routines due to symptoms of anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. The program will maintain group sessions as the core and will also provide opportunities for patients to practice self-sufficiency behaviors.

“Our new program will ensure timely access to behavioral health services to individuals in distress who seek care through the emergency department,” said Justin Looser, NH market administrative director of behavioral health services. “Through the PHP, emergency department physicians can directly refer patients to the Partial Hospitalization Program, which helps reduce overall holding time in the ED and stress associated with lengthy ED stays.”

“This program will enhance the outpatient behavioral health services we provide to adults over the age of 65 by both adding to the range of services and expanding the demographic to meet the behavioral healthcare needs of all adults over age 18 in our community,” said Tim Jones, chief executive officer of Frisbie Memorial Hospital.

In addition to its PHP, Frisbie will be opening a new unit in the emergency department dedicated to treat adults with acute, episodic mental health issues who come in for emergency care. The unit features six private rooms each designed to let in natural light allowing for a more therapeutic space for patients in distress. The new behavioral health pod is scheduled to open this spring.

For more information about Frisbie Memorial Hospital’s outpatient adult Partial Hospitalization Program, call (603) 602-5872.