Frisbie Memorial Hospital - February 17, 2020

Over half a million people die of heart disease and over 700,000 people have a heart attack each year in the U.S. It may surprise you to know that some of those people are cardiologists.

Heart disease can affect anyone, and cardiologists are no exception. However, most cardiologists follow their own advice—based on years of research and experience—to keep their heart in optimal health. Follow their strategies and you can greatly reduce your risk of heart disease in the future.

Here’s how cardiologists keep their hearts healthy:

They don’t smoke. According to the CDC, smoking causes one out of every three deaths from heart disease.

They walk every day. The American Heart Association recommends getting in 10,000 steps each day.

They avoid the drive-thru. Processed and “fast” foods that are high in sugar and sodium increase the risk of heart disease.

They meditate. Stress management is an important part of protecting heart health.

They see their own doctor for check-ups. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels should be checked as part of an annual physical.

You don’t have to be a cardiologist to maintain a healthy heart for life. It may seem overwhelming to completely change your lifestyle all at once, so aim to make small changes over time. And most importantly, visit your doctor for regular checkups. Get started by taking a few moments to find out if you may be at risk for a heart attack -- take our free heart health risk assessment.